The Town Of Ibadan In Nigeria

Ibadan is a city found in Nigeria. It's the third largest city in the country after Lagos and Port Harcourt. It's the capital of Oyo State and has the largest geographical area. It has a population of 1.3 million people according to a census carried out in 2006. During independence it was the largest most populous city in Nigeria. It was also the centre of administration during the British colonial rule. Some of the city's ancient protective walls are still around.

Ibadan is highly reputed for being an education centre. Its home to the famous university that has educated many of the country's scholars referred known as University of Ibadan. The university accommodates up to 12,000 students. It was established as a college of known as University of London in 1948. It was reconverted to an autonomous educational centre in 1962. In the city, stands an international acclaimed institute called International Institute of Tropical Agriculture [IITA] that focuses on the country's farming technologies.

Ibadan has several attraction sites. There is the famous tower known as 'The Bower Memorial Tower' that can be observed from any point of the city. It also provides an observation of the whole city from the top. Another landmark is the Cocoa House and it was the first skyscraper in Africa and also the city's commercial centre. Mapo Hall is another attraction site and it used to be the colonial's city hall. Other attraction includes Trans- Wonderland amusement park and the Liberty Stadium which is the first stadium in Africa.