Helping Your Child to Achieve Outstanding Grades

Tuition centre in Singapore pride itself as a training centre of excellence, preparing the students to achieve outstanding grades. The centre views every student as a unique individual with the potential to excel in their own right. The education centre aims at inspiring the students to get the highest grades possible and to become all round individuals who will use their skills and training to better humanity. One of the areas that the students are prepared in is math. Students are prepared to excel in the math subject both at primary and secondary levels.

At the primary level students are trained in various subjects such as English, Math and Science. The students are prepared to excel in all subjects. The key to success in this tuition centre is the student teacher ratio. The centre has a policy where the student to teacher ratio is a maximum of ten students per teacher. This means that the teacher can give individualized attention to all the students and assist the students to blossom to their full potential.

When it comes to math, the story is no different than in other subjects. The students are prepared to sit for the math exam and to have the highest grades possible. The teachers who are approved by the ministry will train the students from Primary 1 to Secondary 4. Math is one of the key subjects in the national and international exams. The students are prepared for the national exam at primary level and international exams at secondary school level. The students sit for the GCE "O" and "N" exams at the secondary level.

The tuition centre prepares their primary math students in such areas as data analysis, decimals, geometry, and fractions. The centre also puts an emphasis on the application of math to their day to day life. The primary level students are challenged by using experiential problem-based learning methods to ensure that they can relate mathematics to their day to day life experiences.

The centre prides itself in using methodologies that will help the pupils to excel in the math subject. The pupils are taught on strategic thinking and thinking outside the box. This helps the student to blossom to their individual potential and apply mathematics to everyday problems.

When it comes to secondary school mathematic lessons the skills developed at primary level are reinforced and further developed. The students are challenged to apply mathematics to their daily lives. The students at secondary level from secondary 1 to secondary 4 are trained in such areas as algebra, functions, indices, trigonometry and statistics on one hand while learning strategic thinking and problem solving techniques on the other.

Math will continue to be an important subject in our day to day lives. Math is used in commercial, scientific and many other applications in life. The centre prides itself in having students who have excelled in math both nationally and internationally. Students in the past have had good mean grades in the math subject, and the tuition centre wants to build on its rich history and traditions to excel even further in the future.