OLE Kids Early Learning Centre - A Best Education Place

It was 10:30 am, time for the morning snack and the children were each seated at their coloured tables waiting for the attender to give them their morning snacks. This would be made on the spot in the school kitchen. Everyday the children would get a healthy, balanced diet full of nutrients like protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals, fiber and milk prepared with the highest standards of hygiene and the children simply loved it. Omnibus Learning and Education or OLE for short, was a popular Early Learning Centre meant for kids from the age of two to 5. OLE Kids emphasizes on 'Dynamic learning' and is based on the observation of Development during Early Childhood.

OLE Kids run a number of programs right from the Infant Programmes for children above 10 months, the Toddler Programmes for children over 18 months and the Pre-School Programme to the Special Educational Needs program for the mentally or physically challenged. The Baby OLE program focuses on the development of sensory and fine motor skills, the play OLE program emphasises on role-play, physical activity, music and interaction with the real world. The learn OLE program focuses on the skills necessary for social, emotional, self-help, and physical development in a preschooler.

With an adult child ratio of 1:3 to 8, each child gets individual attention. Each of these programme are designed to incorporate traditional values, a progressive outlook and innovative methods of teaching. OLE kids is every kids place for fun and learning because the philosophy at OLE Kids centre is that learning is an ongoing process and the role of the Early Learning centre is to create a positive non-threatening and "non-regimented environment in-order to promote individual learning. According to the principal, "learning at OLE Kids centre is not a linear plan but customized, because each child is unique.

The special education departments at OLE kids have a different Dynamic Learning curriculum designed by experienced Special Educators as per the level and requirement of the child. Daily life activities mimic the Ball Pool, Sand Pit, Jungle Gym and ROLE Play and are integrated into learning and Play for these children that demand more attention than the normal ones. Be it in the, Dining Hall, Nap room, AV Room, Music and Dance area, or the Outdoor Play Areas. At the close of the day, the children at OLE Kids are put into their Air-Conditioned bus, equipped with a First Aid Kit and Fire Extinguisher and a lady staff member trained in the basics of first aid, accessible on a mobile phone at all times.